Wyze Home Monitoring Service Updates

What We Are Developing

  • Sharing the monitoring experience with other Wyze accounts
  • Professionally monitored freezing and leakage hazards
  • Support for Chime in Home Monitoring Service
  • Emergency Contacts

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Release Notes

Oct 13, 2021

App 2.25

  • Added Monitoring Schedule in Home Monitoring for routine arming and disarming convenience without using the Keypad or your phone

Sep 22, 2021

Sense Hub firmware

  • Fixed a bug that caused some hubs to turn off immediately after the Hub is unplugged from power

Sep 16, 2021

App 2.24.52

  • Added Trends for Wyze Home Monitoring to show how you use the service to protect the things you care about
  • Added support for Wyze Home Monitoring users to change names in Monitoring Settings after setup
  • Lifted the mandatory keypad + one sensor limit for Home Monitoring Sense Hub setup
  • Added the ability to set up Wyze Home Monitoring from the Home tab Add Device page

Sep 8, 2021

Sense Hub firmware

  • The PIN is now required to switch to enter Disarm Mode from the keypad
  • Added a fast beep for Entry and Exit Delay
  • Fixed a bug that caused some delayed false alarms for some people
  • Security improvements

Sep 1, 2021

App 2.24.36

  • Home Monitoring added support for Leak and Climate Sensors status visualization
  • Added support for Wyze Leak and Climate Sensors for Wyze Home Monitoring

Aug 4, 2021

Sense Hub firmware

  • Added active sensor activity to Monitoring Events
  • Added a toggle for the entry/exit delay countdown sound
  • Added a chime notification sound when on-duty sensors are triggered upon entry
  • Improved the offline Hub audio notification experience

App 2.23.21

  • Added support for Wyze Leak Sensor
  • Added support for Wyze Climate Sensor

Jun 10, 2021

Sense Hub firmware

  • Improved Hub offline performance
  • Optimized sensor function reliability
  • Improved the Hub countdown experience

Jun 9, 2021

App 2.21.33

  • Added a low battery indicator for Wyze Sense v2

Apr 6, 2021

Sense Hub firmware

  • Security improvements

May 12, 2021

App 2.20.142

  • Added support for phone numbers changes in Wyze Home Monitoring

Apr 7, 2021

App 2.19.24

  • Fixed a bug that caused the camera to trigger false alarms for Wyze Home Monitoring

Mar 24, 2021

App 2.18.43

  • Added support for Wyze Entry Sensor v2
  • Added support for Wyze Motion Sensor v2
  • Added support for Wyze Sense Hub
  • Added support for Wyze Sense Keypad
  • Added support for Home Monitoring Service

Dec 15, 2020

App 2.16.23

  • Added the Home Monitoring tab